We believe every human soul is in need of hope, and there is nothing more reliable or believable than the hope of the grace of God through Jesus Christ.  Since there is no name under heaven by which we are saved, First Baptist aims its resources, energy, and creativity towards helping everyone experience the life changing hope of Jesus.  The symbol that best represents our purpose and passion of helping everyone experience hope is the anchor.  Before the cross was the associated with Christianity, early Christians used the anchor.  It served as a reminder that no matter how rough life became, Christ was the source of everlasting hope. 


God has called us to be active in both searching and meeting the needs of others.  We are not satisfied just knowing how people are wired, gifted, or suffering.  We will always strive to listen well to other people, while assisting them to gladly know and follow Christ.


All people of all ages and all cultures matter to God.  Since everyone is created in God's image, and since Christ died for everyone, therefore, everyone matters to our church.


It's not enough to understand hope intellectually, it must be felt to transform us and bring praise to God's glorious grace.  We believe in creatively structuring programs, services, and events in ways that enable people to best understand who God is and feel His presence.


We all base our lives on some idea that cannot be proven.  Peter calls a relationship with Jesus "living hope" because it is not based on legend or wishful thinking.  It is living because it is based on reality.  Jesus Christ really lived, really died, and really rose again.

ROMANS 15:13

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Since I’ve been a Christian, there are two things that continually surprise me—who God transforms and who he does not.  Of all the people I’ve known whose lives have been changed by the gospel, there are a few things they have in common.  Those things are what constitute our values.  We believe by coloring everything we do with the following characteristics, it will provide the best platform for God to transform lives.

-Chris Flickinger (lead pastor)






We cannot grow in affection for God or effectiveness in his kingdom without engaging God in scripture.  Whether we get together in small, medium, are large groups, the bible will always be a central part.  We care about learning what God’s Word says, what it means, and how to apply it to every part of life.



Even though we hope to provide a friendly environment, we are much more interested in helping people become friends.  We believe all people deserve the benefit of doubt, and we want to be known for our genuine curiosity in others. We also believe in being honest and vulnerable in both our confessions and encouragements.



When it comes to serving others, we want to do more than strive for the minimum contribution.  God did not spare anything in His love for us, but sent His Son!  Since God owns and provides everything for us, we gladly and generously give our time, money, and our love to our church, our community, and our world.


Our church is as old as our town, both being established in 1899.  Recognizing the need for a place to worship and to receive spiritual guidance, a group of ten men and eight women met in a vacant store for several months.  J.T. Burnett was called to serve as pastor for an annual salary of $180.  He said in letter right before moving to FBC, "Excitement is high; more settlers are arriving and the main of them will need to hear the gospel.  Christ is our only hope."  We are just as passionate today about the gospel of hope as we were at our beginning!

  • 1899 - Official beginning of FBC on October 15
  • 1900 - Finished construction of our first church for a cost of $1,225
  • 1928 - Broke ground on our current location and building 
  • 1946 - Launched Avenue Baptist Church in Hereford
  • 1950 - Opened education wing of the sanctuary building
  • 1954 - Launched Temple Baptist Church in Hereford
  • 1987 - Family Life Center completed (now our education building)